Passion for the natural world through a lense

My background from childhood involved the outdoors. Rural life meant rescuing lost, injured or stray creatures that became beloved pets. Camping up rivers and lakes in the deep South, absorbing the environment and all that was alive there.

Respect and appreciation of the natural world deepened, when I was lucky enough to observe the relationship between all creatures and their environment. This profoundly affected my outlook and approach to life at a deep level, from a very young age.

I chose Veterinary science as a career at the age of 9 and was given my first camera around the same time. I have an innate and organic approach to animals and to photography, which allows me to be in the right place at the right time. My awareness (which I value and cultivate daily) allows me to absorb, perceive and act in the present moment, from a place of respect, for what I can see and feel.

Adventure Walkies Wellington was an organic move for myself, mixing my experience as a veterinary nurse, photographer, dog trainer and a compassionate, sensitive human that thrives in the great outdoors.

My vision is that no animals suffer at the hands of humans. I want to provide as close to a natural, stimulating and consistent routine, that busy people who need these companions in their lives, cannot always provide. A pack environment (5-7 dogs) per excursion, discovering all of their environment.

This means I can not only capture those rare moments when the dogs let go, loose their crazy and absorb the environment, but also new surroundings on our adventures and all the other creatures we discover along the way.

Much as my approach to life, being present, aware and relaxed as possible. I find what is the most interesting and rare to capture are the exposed, raw moments in any subject, when they are able to let go be free and absorb and of course the ever-changing environment.


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